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Twitter Ads

Herramienta de creación de campañas de Publicidad SEM en Twitter

Hexagon will choose from 20 ad options to promote your company based on your goals in a social media with a users that spend 26% more time viewing ads than in other platforms.


Why advertise in Twitter?

Herramienta de creación de campañas de Publicidad SEM

of users have bought something after seeing it on Twitter.

What are the goals of Twitter campaigns?

Herramienta de creación de campañas de Publicidad SEM

What ads formats are there?

«Using 3 or more different ad formats increase the campaign awareness by 20% and the purchase intention by 7%»

Source: Nielsen Brand Effect (US/UK/JP/CA), Q3 2015 – Q3 2018 Connect Campaigns. 

  • Image ads: they allow to sow the product/service with a single photo.
  • Video ads: attract more attention than a single photo.
  • Carousel ads: allows you to include up to six images or videos that slides horizontally.
  • Moment ads: breaks the 280 character limitation by allowing you to promote a collection of tweets.
  • Text ads: the strong point of this ad format is that by completely resembling to a standard tweet, it blends in with the rest of the content.

This ad format is designed to increase awareness by promoting an account in a specific audience and attract new followers.

It divides into two ad formats:

  • Amplify pre-roll: allows you to choose among 15 content video categories in which your ad will be posted.
  • Amplify sponsorship: provides advertisers a 1:1 pairing with a single publisher during the time of your choice and tweet level control for the duration of your campaign. Not allowed to self-service advertisers.

Twitter takeover products are locations of mass reach. These locations can be divided in two:

  • Timeline Takeover: it places the brands at the top of the conversation as the first announcement of the day.
  • Trend takeover / trend takeover+: it places advertisements along with trends, placing messages where the conversation starts in the Explore Tab.

With this format, companies get to maximize their streaming live content and create conversations with the audience they are really interested about.

Lets talk about Twitter

Before we start talking about Twitter ads campaigns, segmentation, target audience…..etc, lets discuss some basic concepts to be able to understand each other.

Basic concepts of Twitter

Lets make sure that we are clear on some of the basics of Twitter:

  • Tweet: tweets are post up to 280 characters on twitter.

  • Followers: These are users that have decided to follow another user on twitter.

  • Mentions: Mentions are when a user includes @ and a user name on a tweet.

  • Hashtags: hashtags are words or phrases preceded by # that group together tweets with similar themes.

  • Retweets: this is when an user forwards a tweet to its followers.

  • Likes: the likes happens when an user clicks on the button “like” in a tweet to show its approval.

  • Account verification: An account verification is a process in which twitter verifies a users identity and places a check mark on their profile.

These concepts are essential to understand how twitter works and how users interact in the platform.

Basic concepts on Twitter Ads

Here are some basic concepts on twitter advertisement:

  • Promoted ads: promoted ads are tweets paid by advertisers to reach a target audience on twitter.
  • Target audience: advertisers can choose a target audience based on their interests, location, demographics and behavior.
  • Ad format: Twitter offers different ad formats, such as images, videos, carousel ads and more.
  • Advertisement budget: advertisers can establish their own advertisement budget for each campaign.
  • Interaction fees: advertisers pay for interaction with their ads, such as clicks, retweets and answers.
  • Advertisement platform: Twitter ads is the advertisement platform of twitter where advertisers can create and manage their ad campaigns.
  • Monitoring and measurement: Twitter offers you monitoring and measurement tools, to help advertisers understand the impact of their ads.

These concepts are essential to understand how advertisement in twitter works and how advertisers can use the platform to promote their products or services.

How advertisement works on Twitter?

Advertisement on twitter works through sponsored ads, which are paid tweets by the advertisers to reach a target audience. Advertisers can choose their target audience based on interests, location, behavior and demographics. Twitter use a auction system to establish which ad is going to be shown to users and ad prices are based on the quality and demand of the ad. Advertisers pay for interaction with their ads, such as clicks, retweets, answers and visits to their website.

Target audience on Twitter Ads

When choosing a target audience on Twitter ads, advertisers can choose their audience according to:

  • Interests: based on search terms, keywords and topics that users follows or interact with.
  • Ubicación: Based on the users geographic location, including countries, regions, cities and zip codes.
  • Demographic: Based on the users demographic information, such as age, gender, language, etc.
  • Behavior: based on the users activities line, such as recent purchases, online interests, etc.
  • Custom audience: Based on the users that have previously interact with the advertiser content or web.

Advertisers can combine this criteria to create a custom target audience and ensure that their ads reach the right people.

Twitter Ads auction system

The auction system of Twitter Ads works as follows:

1. Advertisers create an ad and define their target audience.

2. Twitter displays the ad to a portion of their target audience and collects information on the effectiveness of the ad.

3. Based on the quality and effectiveness of the ad, as well as the demand of the target audience, a price is determined for the interaction with the ad.

4. Advertisers compete for advertising space in the Twitter auction, offering different prices per interaction.

Twitter Ads auction system is a fair and efficient way to determine which ads are shown to users and at what prices, ensuring that advertisers get the best value for their ad spend.

Main advantages of Twitter

  • Reach: Twitter ads can reach a wide audience worldwide.

  • Segmentation: advertisers can choose their target audience based on interests, location, demographic and behavior.

  • Interaction: Twitter ads can generate interactions with users, such as clicks, retweets and answers.

  • Measurement: Twitter provides measurement tools to help advertisers understand the impact of their ads.

  • Flexibility: Advertisers can choose from different ad formats, such as images, videos and carousel.

  • Cost: Twitter ads are affordable to different advertising budgets and advertisers pay only for interaction with their ad.

  • Integration with other platforms: advertisers can use twitter in conjunction with other advertising platforms for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Why use Hexagon?

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