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Google Ads

Herramienta para la creación de campañas SEM - Google Ads

Do any of the google ads campaigns available in an automated way, hexagon select the format that best suits your goals: Display, Google, Shopping, video, Calls, etc


Why run campaigns in Google Ads?


of the market share of search engines worldwide


searches per day


chances to click in an ad, four times more than any other platform

Choose the best goal

Hexagon creates campaigns with the different settings that google authorize, according to the goals your more interest about.

Search campaigns

The Google Search Network is the set of web pages and apps where ads can appear. In this kind of campaigns when someone does a search in Google, the ad will be displayed alongside the rest of the results.

Other SEM advertising campaigns

Display campaign

This network reaches more than 90% of Internet users through millions of websites, news pages, blogs and Google websites such as Gmail or YouTube.

Shopping campaigns

When an user searches a product. Google shows the different options and among them will appear you ad.

Video campaigns

Video format is the one with the highest engagement. The video can be add to both Youtube and on websites that allows this format.

APPs campaigns

Is the best option if you want to promote your app for iOS or Android in the search engine of google, Youtube, google play, etc.

Don't know what goal suits you better?

When you face the creation of a google campaign you will find a step in which you have to choose a goal. Hexagon makes this type of decision making easier, however, we explain what each one of them consist of.

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If you want to give a boost to your sales and conversions

Sales opportunities

Help your client to interact with the ad, by subscribing to a newsletter or filling in a form.

Web traffic

This kind of goal gives priority to getting traffic to your web

Product and brand attention

Encourage your clients to consider the product or service your are including in your campaign

Brand awareness

It will increase your brand awareness by reaching a large number of users

APP Promotion

When your goal is to promote and increase the number of the app downloads

Let´s talk about this types of campaigns

Search campaigns

To understand what a search campaign is, let´s start talking about SERPs. SERP means “Search Engine Results Page”. In this case we are talking about Google as a Search Engine, but it could also be Bing, Yahoo, Baidu…

Whit a search campaign what you get is to be able to show your ads in the Google search engine results page, that is, that your ad will appear at the top or bottom when a ser performs a search.

It exist a cost per click and according to the budget you have and the optimization of your campaign, it will be more likely or not to be among the first results.

Keywords in your search campaigns

The good choice of keywords is a fundamental step when it comes to online advertising in google.This terms will be the ones that relates your ad with the search that the users carries out, so it is important to choose which words we want ans also, which ones we do no want. What do we mean by this? It is what is called a negative keyword. When you set negative match between your ad and a specific word or phrase.

How does search campaigns work?

When a user performs a search in google, it is responsible of collecting all ads that have this term assigned to their and with a matching targeting. In that moment starts a auction process. Who will appear first? You could think that it comes first who has a higher cost per click, but is not hoe it works, it will also depend on the quality score of your add.

How does Google calculate the Quality score of my ad?

To offer your users a good experience, google decides to give ads a quality level. Like this, it will not only depend on the budget of the advertiser, but also on the quality and relevance of the ad. This score ranges from 1 to 10 and the factors that determine it can be grouped into 3:

  • The relevance the ad has according to search made by the user

  • The percentage of clicks expected after viewing, also called expected CTR

  • The user experience in the landing page: if it is useful in its search, its structure, etc.

Display campaigns

A display advertising network is considered to be the set of spaces on the Internet where it is possible to host ads. Google has its own display network with more than 200 million sites, videos and apps. It is estimated that this network reaches 90% of internet users

The advertising in this type of campaigns is generally called banner, since it was initially a static rectangular image. Nowadays this ads have evolved, turning into more interactive forms of advertising and can be formed with images, texts, audio and even video

How do they work?

For this type of campaigns to work the most important is to know your target audience. It is essential to know who it is, where they browse, what it likes, where it is….

Which payment model to choose?

In a display campaign you can choose between different payment models. Each one of them will be better according to the goal of your advertising.

  • CPC or Cost per click: you will pay every time a user clicks in your add. generally this payment model is used when the intention is to generate traffic.

  • CPM or Cost per thousand impressions: As the name says, you will pay once your ad has been shown 1000 times. It is used when the goal is to increase visibility.

  • CPA or Cost per acquisition or action: you will only pay when users generate a conversion that your decide, whether it is a purchase or a download.

  • CPV or Cost per view: if the intention is to increase the number of views in a video, this is the right payment model.

Why use Hexagon for your Google Ads campaigns?

By having integrated Google as other 7 platforms you can have all your campaigns in one panel, besides having access to all the benefits hexagon offers.