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Want to know more about Paid Media? The definitive guide with examples to learn how to launch Paid Media campaigns.

What is Paid Media?

When we talk about paid media, we are talking about any platform in which you pay to post an ad. By using traditional media (television, radio, magazines, newspaper…..) or digital media. Namely, paid media is talking about online advertising campaigns, whether is SEM or social media campaigns.

What does Paid Media work for?

Since we understand what paid media is then… what’s the point?

Well, advertising is to convince a user to go through a service, as well as send a message, gain reputation, create brand awareness or to remind the users of the brand. Maybe your potential client does not need you now, but they will. Perhaps if your ad gets their attention, they can touch on it with someone who needs it.

The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time.

Henry Ford

In addition, different stages and a different goals are set to each one of them. It is not the same the launch of a brand in which you need brand awareness, than a more competitive stage where the brand is at the same level than many others.

SEM basics

Gestión de campañas Paid Media - SEM para pymes

The overall concept of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one that embraces the strategies, techniques and tools that help us to increase the visibility and positioning of a business or web page, in the search engine results pages.

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing

Is SEM and Paid Media the same?

Generally SEM is used to refer to all advertising that takes place in digital media. However, this concept is Paid Media, which incorporates both, SEM campaigns and Social Ads campaigns.


Defined as the set of words that users enter when performing a search in search engines.


Known as every time a content is shown to a user. Yet, it is not necessary for the user to interact with the content, for it to count as an impression.


Click Through Rate is the ratio between the number of clicks made on the ad and the impressions it has had. The greater the CTR is, the better. This value will vary depending on the platform where your ads are placed. For example, an optimal CTR on Facebook is between 0.6% and 1.2%


It stands for Cost Per Click. It is the price you will pay for each click on your ad.

When advertising online, you set a budget that will be consumed each time users click on your ad. The value of the CPC will vary according to your product, sector, keywords, social network…

Sample Paid Media campaigns

Ejemplos de campañas de Paid Media

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is one of the most used social media for advertising. This social network has managed to exceed 2,940 million active users per month. Besides that, you need less investment than with other online advertising platforms. All these, and the possibility to have a very detailed segmentation, makes it a very attractive option for companies.

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Instagram Campaigns

Instagram ads share the management platform with facebook, since they are both part of meta. The investment is pretty similar too, as well as the segmentation functionalities. Their biggest difference is the audience and ads format. There will be a much younger audience on instagram, and grabbing their attention will depend on the attractiveness of the ads.

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Google Campaigns

Nine out of ten users handle google as their search engine. Yes, on worldwide ranked. Practically any company that starts in the world of digital advertising, stars its campaigns in google. Still this is a platform with many ads formats where you could get lost. According to your goals, the product/service and some other things, it will be better to start your campaign in one site, in another or several at the same time.

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TikTok Campaigns

Tiktok, that app that was born in 2016 and initially its content did not go further dances and plunges. Nowadays, and since 2021, it is the most downloaded app and already has more than a billion monthly active users.

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Spotify Campaigns

Spotify has become the most used streaming music platform. Users have access to all music, podcast and even videos. The voice-over ad could be made by professionals of the app or by the advertiser itself.

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Programmatic Campaigns

Programmatic advertising grants you to acquire advertising spaces automatically. This kind of advertising boosts among other advertisers.

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Twitter Campaigns

345 million active users a month and 500 million tweets per day. That is what you will find in this social media. Through Twitter Ads you can promote your own tweets. This will increase visibility or conversion, among other goals that the platform allows you to choose.

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Linkedin Campaigns

LinkedIn is the professional social media above all. From networking, new business opportunities to promote a job opening. LinkedIn may be the platform you require to improve your brand. Define your buyer person and target your ads until you can strike your niche.

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