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Common Questions

What is Hexagon?

Hexagon is an automated tool to create, manage and optimize your Paid Media campaigns. From a single panel you can monitor in real time all your programmatic advertising, Google Ads and Social Ads.

Hexagon will also create a summary report with all the results of all of them at the same time in just one click.

Which are the benefits of using hexagon?

You will be able to create online advertising campaigns:

  • Without previous knowledge
  • No specialized personnel
  • No monthly subscription
  • No third party intermediaries

Save up to 60% of the time you spend creating and managing Ads.

Analyze in real time the results of your ads in the same panel, without the need to enter each of the platforms.

Where can I register?

Register for free. All you have to do is fill in the requested fields and verify your email address. 

Will Hexagon also create reports for me?

The system creates a PDF report with the key information of a campaign for the dates you have selected. It will contain several pages with the impressions, clicks, traffic sources, location of visits, and a multitude of relevant data of a campaign.

I am a marketing agency, how can I manage my campaigns?

Our platform also allows you to easily integrate your own Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns and once done, take advantage of all hexagon’s functionalities.

Do I need to set up a minimum budget to activate my account?

Using Hexagon is free and you don’t need to set up a campaign budget to enjoy its benefits.

However, the next step is to have a budget to invest in your advertising. If you are not sure how much to invest, we recommend that you ask our experts for advice to help you plan your advertising plan in the medium – long term.

To be as effective as possible, there are some basic minimums that if you do not apply them, it is very possible that your campaign will have no effect, so we always advise you not to apply campaigns below the indicated minimums.

Creation and management of campaigns

How are Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns managed?

Hexagon allows you to track in real time your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and main social media campaigns, so you can have information about the profitability of your campaigns at all times.

Through a single user panel you can consult the data of all your campaigns and obtain a multitude of complementary information about your traffic.

How do I create an advertising campaign for my brand?

If you already have a Hexagon user account, and you have decided the budget you want to invest in your campaign, you can set it up in your Administrator panel. The system needs several parameters, information and traffic segmentation data. You can contact your Campaign Manager who will guide you through all the steps, then the Hexagon system itself, supervised by a specialized team, will take care of getting the best return on your investment.

How do I know how much money has been invested?

This is precisely why Hexagon was developed so that you can have full control and information about your advertising campaigns. In addition to seeing the real-time usage of your budget, you can consult the daily campaign spend according to the objectives of your active campaigns. It is also possible to see the total historical investment of all your campaigns.

Comparing your expenses against the results obtained is essential to verify that your economic allocation in advertising is an investment and not an outlay. With Hexagon you will have your investment under control.

Can I stop a campaign once it has been launched?

For any reason, you can stop a campaign at any time you see convenient.

Please consider that it takes some time to disconnect all the processes that the system has put in place and although your budget will not suffer any major changes, this process will not be an overnight step.

Once a campaign has been interrupted, you can reactivate it whenever you wish or stop it definitively and allocate the remaining budget to a new campaign.

If you have any other doubt, you can contact us here and we will solve them as soon as possible.