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Herramienta de creación de campañas de Publicidad SEM en Tik Tok

hexagon creates ads campaigns that displays organically in a social media in which the 68% of users are inspired to find out more about brand or product.


Why use TikTok?


place as the most downloaded app since 2021


of user engagement rate with posts


per day of average use of this platform by each user

Types of advertising on TikTok

TikTok is the least restrictive of all platforms in terms of ad formats. Hexagon will choose the most suitable for your goals.

In-Feed Ads

This type of ad is on video format and it last 60 seconds. it will display on the For You page of TikTok where, depending on the chosen segmentation, it will be sent to a specific audience

Collection Ads

They are a type of in-feed video ads on tiktok, which directs your customers to a instant gallery page where they can see your products without leaving the app. This format is beta and not every user has access to it.

Dynamic Showcase Ads

These are video product groups that appear to potential buyers as suggestions based on their interests

Shopping Features

It is used to manage sales directly from TikTok. It integrates different ecommerce like Shopify, Square,Ecwid and PrestaShop.

Brand Takeover

The ad covers the entire screen and it gives the option to include links. The time is limited to 3 seconds for static images and 3 to 5 seconds for videos.


An upgraded version of Brand Takeover, it also cover the entire screen pero last up to 60 seconds. It is displayed in the For you Page when you open the page or scrolling in the platform.

Why use hexagon?

By having integrated both TikTok and 7 other platforms you can have in a single panel all your campaigns, in addition to having access to all the benefits that hexagon has.